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WCPC 2013 Over

More to come, but for now a quick update. Yankee Siege won this year with their colossal 2800-foot shot, American Chucker came in second, and First in Fright came in 3rd, edging out Launch-Ness Monster. Pumpkin Hammer finally got off a clean shot and came in 5th at just over 2000 feet, finally joining that club! We had what looked to be a superb shot, with perfect trajectory and a lot of speed behind it, we all thought we had taken second and perhaps threatened a half-mile shot, but the distance shockingly came in at 1935'. We don't really believe that number, and neither do our fellow competitors, but we can only take what they tell us it is...

So, the trebuchet division had a great year, with 5 machines over the magic 2000-foot mark (well, we think 6!) and 3 new members in the 2000-foot club, and a first member in the half-mile club, taking the unofficial World Record title from Excalibur in Belgium (2504' in 2012). Additionally, the Youth 11-17 trebuchet division saw a new team come this year from Oklahoma, a technical school, which was immaculately built. They threw an ASTONISHING 2400'! Wow, they added 900 feet to a World Record that was set last year, which at the time broke the OLD World Record by over 400 feet! Well done by this group of folks, and we hope to see them back next year (but stay in the Youth division for our sake!)

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Use "common sense" when operating trebuchets and catapults. Even little ones can be dangerous. Do not place anything you are not willing to lose in the plane of the arm rotation (this includes yourself, body parts, car windshields, cameras, etc). These catapults and trebuchets are capable of throwing just as far backwards as forwards, and the use of a backstop of some sort is recommended, though the use of one does not make the region behind it safe.

Also, just because the throw got away safely downrange does not mean the end of the danger. The arm is likely still swinging wildly along with the counterweight, and there is a sling whipping around. One thing many people fail to take into account is this sling; some people put a metal ring on the slip end of the sling and this ring can HURT when whipping around!

Have fun hurling, but please KEEP IT SAFE!!!