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2013 Punkin Chunkin Pictures Now Online

A ton of pictures from the 2013 World Championships of Punkin' Chunkin' are now online. Enjoy!

Punkin Chunkin on the Discovery/Science Channels!

A quick reminder to all that tomorrow night (U.S. Thanksgiving, November 28) from 8-10PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), there will be the annual airing of "Punkin Chunkin" on both the Science Channel and the Discovery Channel. Tune in and enjoy!

WCPC 2013 Over

More to come, but for now a quick update. Yankee Siege won this year with their colossal 2800-foot shot, American Chucker came in second, and First in Fright came in 3rd, edging out Launch-Ness Monster. Pumpkin Hammer finally got off a clean shot and came in 5th at just over 2000 feet, finally joining that club! We had what looked to be a superb shot, with perfect trajectory and a lot of speed behind it, we all thought we had taken second and perhaps threatened a half-mile shot, but the distance shockingly came in at 1935'. We don't really believe that number, and neither do our fellow competitors, but we can only take what they tell us it is...

WCPC 2013 Day 2 Overview

Today was an incredible day for the trebuchet division. The winds were calm, and the weather was incredible all day with a mixture of clouds and ample sunshine coupled with mild mid-60s temperatures ruling the day, probably the best weather day we have ever had in our years at the chunk. Many machines shot personal bests, and another team, Launch-Ness Monster, joined the 2000-foot club! American Chucker also had a tremendous shot, and are currently in second with a shot of over 2200 feet. But perhaps the talk of the day was Yankee Siege's massive 2800+' shot that obliterated the standing World Record (and the European Record of 2504' from 2012, which was in reality the World Record coming in to this weekend).

Day 1 at the 2013 WCPC in the Books

We will post a more thorough posting on Day 1 later, but for now we want to point our viewers to our Facebook Page where we are posting short update blurbs as we get time to. There is a lot to do at the chunk, and that forum will be easier to get immediate updates.

NASAW Set up For the 2013 Chunk

Today we all arrived and got both machines (NASAW and The Buffalo Wing Slinger - Nick's Human-Powered Centrifugal Catapult that he built last year) set up. Tomorrow morning we do a few final things and then get our safety inspections before hopefully taking a few test shots before the chunk begins on Friday. The field is in fantastic shape this year, far better than last year of course since Sandy hit less than a week before the chunk, and we are looking forward to a great weekend with all of our chunking friends!

World Championships of Punkin Chunkin 2012 - Arrival and Setup

This is the first in a series of posts coming about the 2012 World Championships of Punkin Chunkin.

This year the chunk had a rough go of it. In fact, mere weeks before the chunk it looked like the event might not happen, as the various lawyers involved had yet to agree on a new insurance policy for the event. This was resolved in nearly the 11th hour, barely in time to proceed with field set up and the like.

Team Urban Siege Takes 1st at WCPC!

Those who checked in here daily hoping to get updates from the 27th World Championships of Punkin Chunkin were likely disappointed to see nothing posted here during the week. Unfortunately the internet at the hotel we used essentially did not work. If you followed our Facebook page though, you saw a few posts that we made via phone regarding progress. It was a strange year for the chunk, with Friday's event being cancelled due to needing to do more work on the field due to Hurricane Sandy. Couple that with high winds and no testing time, and shots were all over the place for mechanical divisions. Ultimately NASAW prevailed over the giant Yankee Siege II and the rest of the field, once again firing 2 shots over the 2000' mark. In fact, we were the only ones to clear 2000 feet in the division. More details will be posted soon along with pictures and videos, but for now, WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! The winning shot was merely 2123' though, far from what was anticipated to be the winning shot this year. Stay tuned for more!

Ready for the Chunk

In less than 48 hours we hope to be down at the 2012 World Championships of Punkin Chunkin in Bridgeville, DE. This year, mother nature is trying to throw a massive wrench in the works in the form of Hurricane Sandy, which is at this moment battering the mid-Atlantic. Delaware took a near-direct hit, and much of Sussex County, location of the chunk, was evacuated. While the wind and rain is expected to end sometime late tomorrow, what is unknown is exactly what the impact this storm will have on the chunk. We hope we can get on the field late Wednesday, but things are bound to be extremely muddy, with nearly 8 inches of rain having fallen there since Sunday. The good news: starting Wednesday, there is a nice pattern of weather forecast, extending beyond the chunk weekend into next week. Hopefully the field will dry out some in the days before the chunk (which starts on Friday).

Sneak Peek of Team Urban Siege and NASAW

The Science Channel just posted this video, presumably a tidbit from the show "Punkin Chunkin 2011". It features us. See it here:

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